Most viable EMR Solutions:

Whether you are a general practitioner or a consultant, and work solo or as a small group, you will find RKMCharts electronic medical records system sufficient for your clinical documentation and workflow needs. It is being successfully used in a wide range of medical specialties including Primary Care, Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Urology, Physical Medicine & Rehab and Pain Management. Incorporating the best of client-server and Internet technologies, it is one of the most advanced EMR software in terms of functionality and user interface design. And starting at a 4-User lifetime license, it is one of the few low-priced emr systems that has an enterprise level database at its core.

You can achieve the goal of automation and paperless medical records through any technology solutions but with our electronic medical record system, you will have a much smoother and easier transition at a mere fraction of the cost. For a small practice, EMR implementation and conversion cannot go any easier than this.

Easy to learn, it usually takes just a few hours to know the EMR system in and out. Our state-of-the art browser technology and intuitive interface design ensures that even the practitioners who are not computer savvy can learn it fast. Yet, with integrated patient charting, prescription and refill management, document management, encounter note generation, patient and resource scheduling, intra-office messaging and powerful customization features, it is equally suitable for advanced users of medical electronic records systems.

Easy to use, all charts have a patient based layout. There is no need to back out to various sections of the EMR software to gain information. Demographics, historical data, scanned documents, encounters, treatment plans, medications and charges are all within the patient's file. This sophisticated design allows users to view their entire workflow and manage clinical and administrative tasks from any point within the program. And its charts look and feel very close to real paper charts to which physicians are accustomed, making it even more simple and one of the fastest EMR systems around. Whether you are a family physician or an internist, or a consultant such as neurologist, cardiologist, psychiatrist or pulmonary specialist, you will find UniCharts electronic medical record system apt at documenting complex patient visits accurately and in less time.

Easy to install, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the entire process. A wizard guides through simple steps to complete the installation of EMR software. No changes are made to your computer files or registry in any way. Many electronic medical record systems require database to be installed and managed separately. In contrast, RKM Charts EMR solution is an integrated software package and installed as a single unit. It has been designed from the outset to be a Plug and Play electronic medical records software. Even a non-technical person can get the EMR system up-and-running in a short while.

Easy to customize, the built-in customization tool in the EMR program provides amazing customization capabilities. You can alter almost any part of the patient encounter form to meet the workflow requirements of your specialty. You can create your own dropdown menus, list menus and toggle buttons. You can even add, remove or relocate entire sections of the encounter form with just a few clicks. RKMCharts electronic medical records software has been successfully deployed in diverse medical specialties such as Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Oncology and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. We also have very successful EMR implementations in Pain Management clinics, Sleep Disorders clinics and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC).

Easy to maintain, installation of the EMR program is required on just one computer within the practice. Authorized users log onto the EMR from any access point over the network simply using their Internet Explorer browsers. Depending on the network configuration and security policy, patient medical records can be accessed from both local intranets and the Internet with equal ease, utilizing the same rich user interface in either case. Built-in Live Update feature makes software updation a breeze. Database backups can be made with just a few clicks. You can even backup the entire EMR program on a USB flash drive, plug that drive onto another computer or network and start using it immediately.

Easy to rely on, RKMCharts EMR fully complies with HIPAA regulations to protect electronic patient information. Furthermore, it utilizes the best combination of current day software technologies to provide you with a dependable and long-term EMR solution. Database is a backbone of electronic medical record solutions. Unlike most low-priced EMR systems, our software does not rely on a desktop database to store your valuable data. The limitations of a desktop database become apparent once the patient population becomes large, including decreased response time and frequent crashes. Despite its low price, RKMCharts EMR software is bundled with a reliable and top-rated high performance database that is used by millions of mission critical applications worldwide, including many high-priced EMR systems.

Easy on the budget, RKMCharts EMR system is a one time investment. All RKMCharts licenses are for lifetime and never expire, and include lifetime licenses for embedded database and other components. And besides being a one-time expenditure, the cost is amazingly low per user. As any emr comparison matrix would demonstrate, it is one of the most affordable EMR software that provides the best ROI, if any ROI justification is required at this cost bracket at all. Every license includes one-year of free updates and email support. Further support is entirely optional and based on a flat yearly amount which is also below the industry average of 20 percent of the base EMR price. There are no hidden costs or charges whatsoever. It is truly a low cost system with a high-end functionality.

Do I need an Internet connection to use this EMR system?

Not at all. RKMCharts is not a web-based ASP solution. Instead, it is a browser-based EMR system that physicians download and install on a computer within their practices just like any regular program or application. Unlike ASP solutions, users have full ownership and control of the data as it resides within the database embedded in the program. To use it, physicians or staff members just have to open an Internet Explorer browser window from a terminal/computer over the LAN, point it to the login page, provide credentials and log in. If there is no network or for some reason a physician wants to use it alone, the EMR may be installed on a desktop, laptop or Tablet PC of the doctor and used through a browser window from that very same machine. In either case, there is absolutely no need for web or an Internet connection to use the program or access patient charts and data.

Then why this EMR solution designed to run on a browser?

A browser-based solution has many advantages over a traditional thick-client system. At the foremost, it needs to be installed on just one computer on the local network. This single-installation architecture significantly reduces deployment and maintenance hassles. It is inherently easier to secure, maintain, and monitor a browser-based program. It is also much easier to apply periodic updates to the software as only one node, the EMR server, needs to be updated. And last but not the least, a browser-based electronic medical records system is Internet enabled by default and can be used to serve as a personal ASP. If the practice/clinic have a permanent IP address (you get it when you subscribe to a permanent internet connection, such as DSL) and the local network is configured for outside communications, users can access medical records in much the same way from a remote location such as hospital, nursing home or a second office that also has Internet connectivity. Very few EMR solutions offer this kind of flexibility and capability.

Can this EMR software be customized for my specialty?

No doubt about it. The encounter form of RKMCharts is a flexible and versatile template designed to accommodate almost any specialty in medicine. It follows CMS guidelines for evaluation and management services to document history and physical examination of patients. Although these guidelines are directed towards Medicare and Medicaid programs, they have become a standard for patient management and documentation, regardless of the payer. While each and every part of the encounter form can be customized in any desired way, it is essentially the physical examination section that requires tweaking according to the criteria defined by CMS for specialty-specific examinations. A new installation of RKMCharts EMR system defaults to general multi-system examination as performed by primary care physicians. Ophthalmologists, cardiologists, neurologists, urologists or any specialist for that matter who conduct single system organ examination can make adjustments appropriate to their specialty in no time using our built-in customization tool. And not only body systems and bullet elements of physical examination can be customized but the entire encounter form can be transformed to reflect areas of emphasis for that specialty.


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Prominent Features:

RKMCharts EMR is an industry-compliant electronic medical record system, fully scalable to multi-specialty, multi-location situations.

It is designed to handle multiple providers each having unique chart layouts yet allow sharing of common data such as patient demographic and insurance information. This EMR system allows physicians to customize charts and other sections to their personal preferences and requirements of their practice and specialty. It is currently being used in many different medical specialties including, but not limited to, Primary Care, Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Pain Management and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Charts, refills, phone notes and messages can be created and shuttled back and forth between the users. Any number of scanned documents and images can be filed and attached to the charts. Exports patient data in pure XML and also in PDF format for batch printing. Supports multiple levels of security to control access to the EMR system.

Following list shows the minimum feature set of RKMCharts EMR electronic medical record system: Easy installation and instant work.

Easy installation and instant work.
Easy to learn, and even easier to administer because clients need no special software, just the Internet   Exlorer web browser.
Gives complete access to patient charts from within the practice, home or a remote location through its   browser interface.
Ability to open and manipulate multiple patient charts simultaneously.
Built-in mechanism for forwarding patient charts and scanned documents to other users within a   medical facility.
Patient based chart layout. All postings of demographics, encounters, treatment plans, medications and   charges are within the patient's file. There is no need to back out to various sections of the EMR   program.
Charts look and feel very close to real paper charts to which physicians are accustomed.
Patient summary section continuously displays the patient's name, age, photograph and other   information at the top of every screen.
All patient screens (demographic information, historical information and encounters) are one button   accessible.
Information within a patient file is grouped in blocks containing relevant elements. The same applies to   user-defined blocks and sections.
Point-and-click templates and drop-down menus available in most of the blocks to minimize data entry   time and effort.
Encounters organized in the universal SOAP format to which physicians are accustomed.
Users can configure virtually every element in the SOAP notes section of patient charts and make their   own custom exams and notes using specific verbiage.
Problems are documented in a natural and efficient way. There are separate sections for dealing with   patient's ongoing and new problems. Problems can be reordered by simple drag and drop mechanism.   Diagnosis, plan and prescription within the patient's encounter offer instant review of important clinical   information.
One click replication of last encounter's prescription and other notes, saving time.
Easily customizable to diverse specialty needs such as Primary Care, Cardiology, Urology, Pulmonology,   Neurology, Psychiatry, Pain Management and General Surgery. Follows CMS guidelines for clinical   documentation.
Referral letters can be generated easily and in no time, essential requirement for family medicine and   primary care setting.
Consultation notes can be created with equal ease, crucial element for specialty-based outpatient   settings such as cardiology, urology, neurology or any other specialty for that matter.
Excuse letters, patient invoices and other concerned documents can be generated and printed or faxed   in minutes.
Built-in support for prescription refills. Refills can be prepared without even opening the chart.
Built-in E/M code calculator. The suggested code can be accepted or rejected based upon the   circumstances.
Separate section for preparing and printing super bills. Once an encounter is signed, it becomes   available to the person responsible for billing. Here, he/she can independently and conveniently   associate POS, TOS and modifiers etc, and apply charges to the services performed by the physician.
Ability to document telephone calls which are attached directly to a patient's record.
Scanned clinical reports, images and digital faxes all attached directly to a patient's record and   organized in folders according to the document type and category.
Any number of new folders can be created to better organize documents according to the specialty   needs.
A cardiologist may, for example, be interested in having a separate folder for keeping ECGs whereas a   pulmonary specialist may want to create a folder designated to sleep lab reports.
Ability to annotate and add illustrations directly into the HPI, physical examination and procedures   sections of a patient's chart.
Sophisticated chart retrieval mechanism with over ten search options, including searching by names,   phone numbers and birth or visit dates.
cheduling section designed for fast input of appointments of varying lengths, even of a 5-minute   duration.
Parallel appointments for the same physician can be booked.
Appointments for time slots that are out of the regular hours of a practitioner can be registered.
Displays multiple practitioner views to allow optimizing physician and facility resources.
Displays monthly views of each practitioner's schedule to allow optimizing his time.
Allows searching of upcoming appointments with multiple options.
Supports Handwriting Recognition in tablet PC's through default input mechanisms.
Supports Voice Recognition such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or IBM ViaVoice.
Ability to create any number of specialities that share patient demographics and insurance information   but each having its own chart layout, encounters and historical data sections.
Ability to export data from the EMR in multiple formats, including standard XML language.
Protect patient data from unauthorized access with password log-in requirements, access limitations   and audit trail.

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Technology Overview :

RKMCharts is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective browser-based EMR Software available today. It has been developed with some of the most open technologies so that our customers can achieve maximum benefit with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We have placed a premium investment on the design and robustness of this electronic medical records system to provide a browser-based and still a truly interactive implementation.

Technologies Used:

RKMCharts server is built around J2EE framework. The core J2EE technologies that have been utilized include Java, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

RKMCharts client is built using standard-based Dynamic HTML (DHTML) and JavaScript technologies. State-of-the-art design of our web client is second to none, not just in healthcare industry but in the entire web arena. Traditional web applications are dumb static pages that need to be refreshed at every user interaction, whereas our innovative implementation of RKMCharts client allows user interactions to happen asynchronously, making users completely unaware of communications with the server. Besides being interactive, our sophisticated interface design allows users to view and control their entire workflow without switching windows or refreshing pages. It is a new approach to web application development similar to Ajax, an implementation model that is being followed by leading companies such as Google and Amazon. All major products that Google has introduced over the last year, including Orkut, Gmail, and Google Maps, use the revolutionary Ajax approach.

Other standard-based technologies that have been used in the development of this unique EMR system include Extensible Markup Language (XML) which is a universal and platform-independent format for data transmission and storage. Built on such standard technologies, RKMCharts can respond to any shift in the paradigm and can be extended without difficulty. It is a future proof system

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Custom Solutions :

Want a custom RKMCharts EMR system?

We welcome modified or custom product requests. Our software modification service undertakes development of modified versions of RKMCharts electronic medical record system to suit any specific needs of our clients.

How It Works:

The entire custom development process can be divided into stages. The highlight stages of the process are as following:

You purchase and install a Limited version of our EMR system.
You create a list of the modifications you require or need.
You email the list of desired modifications to
We contact you if we need any further information or clarifications regarding the changes you want.
We give you a fixed price quote for the modifications.
An agreement of understanding is signed to protect both RK Master and you, as our client.
You pay 30% of the quoted amount in advance.
We apply modifications to the system within the time specified in the agreement.
You receive modified version of the software via a secure download or on a CD via UPS.
On your full satisfaction, you release the remaining amount to us

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Costs Involved:

Depending on the depth and extent of modification required by you, the cost may vary from requirement to requirement. Please note that once modification work is commenced, the order cannot be changed or cancelled.

Delivery Time:

Again, depending on the complexity of the task, the delivery time can be expected from anywhere between 4 to 12 months. The volume of modification assignments under progress at that time may also influence the timescale. If you are interested, please email us your requirements and we will respond as soon as possible.

We also develop customized versions of RKMCharts that are scalable to hundreds of concurrent users. Built on state-of-the art Application Server enterprise technologies, these systems are suitable for large multi-specialty and multi-location environments. Please contact for pricing and more information.

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