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RKM DIGISOL is the 5th generation of a proven document management application. As a Microsoft based application that is non-proprietary and designed as an open architecture product, RKM DIGISOL has state of the art features that reflect Integrated Digital System’s 15 years as a leader in the industry. RKM DIGISOL manages the batch, capture, classification, annotation, storage and retrieval of paper and digital documents in over 200 formats including email and attachments. RKM DIGISOL out of the box provides built-in interfaces to popular workflow and web based collaboration products such as Microsoft's Sharepoint and Xerox DocuShare.

RKM DIGISOL the best product for today's electronic records, business information /document management provides a solution that is scalable from a single standalone client to an enterprise wide information management system. With the RKM WebLink thin client application RKM DIGISOL information and documents can be shared throughout a company based on user ID and password or active directory services without duplicating the information or documents. Abandoning the old WYSIWYG concept of design.

RKM DIGISOL provides users the ability to individually customize each client with file specific metadata fields, data types and labels to meet their needs. RKM DIGISOL provides unlimited Data Sources (file cabinets) to be set-up in separate filing schema’s to accommodate today’s diverse office environments. With RKM DIGISOL you can literally manage an entire enterprise documents with individual custom schema’s for each department with one product to install and manage.

RKM DIGISOL comes complete with an Access 2003 database, ready to run out of the box and with a simple click of your mouse your Access 2003 data can be moved to Microsoft SQL latest version. Standard reports and statistics can be produced using the Access2003 Query and reporting capabilities or with MSSQL the use of Crystal Reports.

RKM DIGISOL is a Microsoft tested application that manages the batch capture, scanning, classification, storage, archive and retrieval of paper and over 200 electronic document mime types including email and attachments. RKM DIGISOL provides built in interfaces to popular workflow and web based collaboration products such as RKM Workflow, Microsoft's Sharepoint, Xerox DocuShare and RKMVault.

It is critical for customers to meet the business information management requirements of the many new regulations like HIPAA, Privacy Act of 1974, FOIA, Sarbanes Oxley Act and Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2002 to properly manage corporate communications and documents. RKM DIGISOL security features provide compliance with all of the standards and requirements of these laws.

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Few Key Features :

• Microsoft Certified and tested for SQL, Office, Windows XP and Windows2003
• User friendly GUI
• Stores over 200 document (MIME) types
• Complete online documentation in HELP file
• Drag and drop feature within RKM
• 508C Zoom capabilities for vision impaired
• Easy to add new metadata fields
• Scan Enabled MFD and MFP interface
• TWAIN Scanner Compliant
• DOD Level Digital Signing add-on available
• Secure ID and Password Access
• HIPAA compliant logging and access tracking
• User access capability settings ( Read, Write, etc)
• New active Search and Select GUI
• Unlimited color annotation capability on Tiff Documents
• Unlimited Rubber Stamp creation and use
• New File and Document Selection feature
• RKM Workflow interface upgrade
• Email and attachment file storage capability
• Image Thumbnails (TIF images only)
• Email File Routing
• Bates Stamp feature ( time, date, prefix and unique #)
• Batch Processing and indexing
• Auto Archiving
• Quick Search
• Color Viewing
• DocuShare, RKM Vault, and SharePoint interface
• Enhanced Export to Media feature with Viewer
• Document Archive feature
• File Ownership
• Improved Secure login with Active Directory
• Microsoft Office 2003 compliant
• SQL Database wizard
• Administration Module with features to create users, groups, set group permissions, use of
  Active Directory, implements Access Logging, Folder Retention and the export of each category into MS   Excel.
• Automatic log-off from the application after 15 minutes (setting).

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Industry Focus & Uses :

RKM DIGISOL versatility and enterprise scalability makes it a perfect solution for the following industry applications.

• Healthcare
• Land Title
• Insurance
• Banking
• Mortgage Lending
• Real Estate
• Manufacturing
• Legal
• Education,
• Courts
• Residential and Commercial Engineering
• State and Local Government
• Service Business

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Microsoft integrated and tested products :

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft Sharepoint Services
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and prior
Microsoft XP Professional and Standard

RKM DIGISOL runs on Windows2000 Server/Professional, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Home/Professional platforms and future releases. RKM DIGISOL can be packaged as a turnkey solution by IDSS or by an IDS Reseller Partner. Unlike most document management product vendors, IDSS offers customized versions of RKM DIGISOL to meet customers’ specific application and needs.

RKM DIGISOL ships with a Microsoft Access Database to keep it affordable and easy to manage, but also integrates with Microsoft SQL Server or any ODBC compliant database product. Also provided is compatibility with third party applications such as Seagate Crystal Reports for end-user developed reports, and the ability to use the Microsoft Access Upsize Wizard to migrate information to SQL-based client-server products.

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RKM WebLink :

The RKM Web Link, a .net application, provides RKM DIGISOL users secure local and remote access to their records without the need for a client application. The product resides on an IIS server and your database and the Image Directory can reside on the same server or a separate server. RKM Web Link allows users to Add, Delete, Edit, View, and View Properties of the folders that they have permission to access.

Documents can be Added, Deleted, and Emailed through the RKM Web Link client based permissions. Folders and documents are protected by permissions. The owner of a folder or document can give individual or group permissions that allow only those specified users to view or edit the document.

RKM Web Link will provide secure access to your records from anywhere by anyone with permissions based on a valid username and password stored within the RKM Web Link Server or Active Directory.
Administrators will only have to update information once for each different client application configuration of RKM DIGISOL. Access is protected using an ID and Password in RKM Secure Admin, or Active Directory. RKM Web Link provides for SSL and HTTPS encrypted access. RSA or USB Token security is available for dual authentication.

RKM Web Link goes hand-in-hand with our RKM DIGISOL Client/Server application. Since the thick and thin clients share the same database and image directory, all files and folders created or updated in one will be available in the other. RKM Web Link logs all access and changes by user access ID and password.


Fig: RKM Weblink Architecture

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